Judges Committee

Director of Judges:
Dorwin Anderson
Judges Coordinator:
Monica Anthony
Andrea Duggan
Lisa Little
Heikki Laurila
Darin Clarke


Helpers Committee

The mission of this committee is to create a CWDF Helper program based on FCI Helper regulations, that will, amongst other things:

  • Provide helper work guidelines
  • Define different Helper levels and requirements to obtain/maintain them,
  • Provide a process for other organizations/clubs' certified Helpers to get an equivalent CWDF certification,
  • Plan for a Helper Seminar/College to happen just before the CWDF championship,
  • Make recommendations on National Championship Helpers’ pre-selection.
Dorwin Anderson (Chair)
Dominic Scarberry
Marvin Eng
Dylan Powell
Kevin Johnston
Kelly Readman
Shannon O’Briant
Aaron Almeida

Tracklayer Committee

Tracklayer committee chair: Raymond Ducasse

Scorebook/Trial records Committee

  • Michaela Bouzkova (CWBSA) as chair -
  • Andrea Duggan (GSSCC) -
  • Shannon O'Briant (RCC) -
  • Carolyn Herle (BdFCC) -