2020 FCI IGP-FH Tracking World Championship

January 2, 2020 UPDATE:
No dog-handler teams qualified in Canada in 2019, but we hope that more working dog trainers will aim for the IGP-FH title in Canada and be candidates for the FCI IGP-FH WC 2021 Canadian Team. Good luck to all countries participating in this ultimate Tracking Championship, and hopefully Canada will be represented in the near future.
The IGP-FH (IPO-FH), is a very difficult title to pass, and only a few dogs have obtained it in the past several years in Canada.
For that reason, the CWDF General Board decided during it's AGM held in Ottawa on June 20, 2019, that for the 2020 FCI IGP-FH Team Canada selection, any Canadian dog-handler teams having successfully achieved this title since the last FCI IGP-FH World Championship shall be eligible to represent Canada at the next World event.

We hope that more dog-handler teams will get into this advanced tracking title, and that the number of potential Team Canada members will grow in the future, to justify holding a National IGP-FH Tracking Championship again.

To participate in the FCI IGP-FH World Championship, dogs must be registered with their National Kennel Club (in Canada, the CKC)* for a minimum of 6 months at the time of the event. 
Handler and owner - if residing in Canada - must be members of the CWDF member breed club for the breed of their dog* (

* with the exception of breeds not recognized by the CKC such as the Dutch Shepherd and the White Swiss Shepherd. In such a case, the FCI recognized registration from the country of origin will suffice, and make the dog-handler team eligible for FCI IGP-FH 2020 Team Canada pending other qualification requirements.

> Click here for the CKC form to register an imported dog